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Seeing is believing! Itís true, the power of video and multimedia is quickly becoming the difference between winning and loosing in the court room.† Key testimony from an expert witness with good body language can literally turn juries and settlement mediations around.† Video reveals everything about a witness good or bad.† No eye contact, and poor posture reflect a personís credibility and truthfulness, two vital elements when preparing for a case.† Small subtle mannerisms speak volumes about character and are especially obvious in Depositions, Day in a Life Documentaries, and pre trial examinations. Is your current case worth the investment of being accurately preserved for the permanent record with video?† Allow the jury to see and hear compelling testimony on how lives have been changed in their own words on video.

Video/text synchronization is rapidly becoming an amazing and effective tool for communicating the most persuasive presentation possible in and out of court.† Edit your own videos and retrieve documents immediately with user friendly software programs.
Stark Video Productions can assist you with avoiding the expense in developing your own multimedia group and turning your people into software programmers and graphic designers.† Let us do the work for you!

Thank you for all your hard work as always, and I really appreciate your great heart. Heart is very important to a shoot in setting a tone which helps me do what I do
Robert Bailey Ė Trial by Design
  • Video Court Reporting and stenographic services
  • Video / text synchronization
  • Day in a Life Documentaries
  • Pre trial examinations